What Are Conscious Diamonds?

"Conscious Diamonds" are Lab Grown diamonds also known as Chemical Vapour Deposition
Diamonds or CVD Diamonds. These Diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories.

We at Anantaa have termed such Diamonds as ‘Conscious Diamonds’ as they are
responsibly sourced. Whenever you purchase a piece of jewellery from Anantaa, you can be
rest-assured that these diamonds are “Conflict Free” and have no association with Blood
Diamonds. Moreover, it takes the strain off the environment, maintaining complete respect towards sustainability and Mother Nature.

Having said that, our Conscious Diamonds are exactly the same in beauty, radiance and
lustre as Mined Diamonds. But, what sets Conscious Diamonds apart is that they are carefully
selected, uniform in quality and significantly cheaper than regular diamonds. Conscious
Diamonds are revolutionary and a game-changer, as it is the best-known way to create
pristine and perfect Type IIA diamonds (like The Kohinoor) in the laboratory.

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