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Know Your Conscious Diamond

Who can resist the glitter of diamonds, its pristine brilliance and magical allure? Who doesn’t dream of owning one big diamond ring or a necklace with a constellation of the most sparkling diamonds?

But, have you ever wondered where the diamonds, as we know it, come from? More importantly, do you know about the ecological impact of Mined Diamonds?

Diamond mining causes deforestation, which in turn leads to loss of habitat for several ecosystems, as well as soil erosion. The mines are left open post mining, leaving behind large craters that yield nothing of benefit to the environment. The pits often end up filling up with stagnant water, which becomes a breeding ground for water borne diseases.

Another aspect to mined diamonds is the risk to miners’ lives. The working conditions are sub-par, with little to no regard for miners’ safety. The wages are too low and the risks too high.

What’s the alternative?

While there has been significant progress in the diamond industry, in terms of minimising production of blood diamonds, you as a consumer, can take steps to ensure that your money isn’t going on diamonds that hurt the environment and human life.

Say hello to Conscious Diamonds. Conscious Diamonds are made in a state-of-the-art laboratory, using a carbon seed. Structurally, it’s of the exact same composition as mined diamonds. Conscious Diamonds offer the same quality as Mined Diamonds too.

All Conscious Diamonds are Type IIA Diamonds, which are the purest form of diamonds. According to GIA, only 2% of all mined diamonds fit this standard of purity.

How are Conscious Diamonds made?

Conscious Diamonds are made with a process called Chemical Vapour Deposition in a technologically advanced lab. No mining and digging of the earth are involved. The risk to life is minimum, and the ecological impact is near-zero.

What about quality?

Diamonds are forever, especially when it’s Conscious Diamonds. Their brilliance does not go dull and their quality remains pristine for eternity. Only a read diamond can break a Conscious Diamond. Just like regular diamonds, these stones too are subjected to tests of Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

Also, if you’re worried that Conscious Diamonds are not a worthwhile investment, we assure you that they do have resale value!

Want to know more about Conscious Diamonds and making the perfect one for yourself? Drop by our store today!


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