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For the #GirlOnTheGo

There are those who wait for special moments to happen in life, and then there are those who make every moment in life a special one. Anantaa’s #GirlOnTheGo Collection, made from ethically created Conscious Diamonds and set in hallmarked 18kt solid gold, is for the latter.

This collection is designed for the modern woman, one with discerning taste, a unique penchant for luxury and a deep love for life – her own as well as that of others. These diamonds are unique in their origin, and truly timeless in their quality and design, just like the women who choose them. The designs are modern, eclectic and timeless – representing the women of today, sophisticated, charming and unconventional. Whether you’re looking for something that’ll accentuate your dazzling persona in the workplace, bedazzle that special someone on date night, give a loved one a timeless treasure or make an unforgettable style statement at grand gatherings, there’s a piece of jewellery in this collection with your name on it, waiting to grace your beautiful aura.

The #GirlOnTheGo Collection is made with Anantaa’s signature Conscious Diamonds which offer the same quality as mined diamonds. Thus, this collection makes everyday luxury a gorgeous reality for the women of today, who make smart and meaningful choices in every aspect of their lives. With this collection, we’ve set out to give the New Age woman timeless treasures of premium quality without causing a dent in the budget. The brilliance of these jewellery pieces will last you a lifetime. Trends and seasons will come and go, but the beauty of your Anantaa jewel will never fade. Easy to wear, easier to maintain, all the sparkling jewellery you ever dreamed of, is now within your reach.

From dainty lightweight pieces to opulent, elaborately crafted statement jewellery – everything the #GirlOnTheGo could possibly need, is now under one roof at Anantaa.


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